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Announcing polygen


I almost forgot to drop a note here about polygen landing in unstable.

Some reviews of Polygen, according to itself:

 Won't disappoint you. The best utility ever designed.  Definitely terrific.
  - Rolling Stone

 The computer program everybody was desperately desiring.
  - The Times

 (you get this with "polygen reviews")

It can help us replying to users:

 I'm not able to upload a controller of the cache over the 3D GPU to a
 DLL cable to a button to the laser clock, how does it work?

 First you neither ever need to insert a SCSI monitor, nor can explore
 with the memory in order to digit on a virus.

 (you get this with "polygen genius")

It can help us managing the project:

 We need to map out-of-the-box servers and we either can better manage
 the design of JSP architectures, or could better implement fine-grained
 tools, thus we neither have to globalize the design of software, nor
 have to deploy enterprise controls in order to debug the development of
 application portals.

 (you get this with "polygen manager")

Or give titles to Metal songs...  (polygen metal)

 Satanica - Swords and blood
 Devil of Demon - Black carcasse in the peak of imagination

...videogames...  (polygen videogames)

 Age of Darkness by the Templar I
 Curse of Prisoner by the Galaxycraft: Legacy of Command I

...boybands...  (polygen boyband)

 Boyz to Boys
 'N Ten

...design patterns...  (polygen designpatterns)

 Model Decorator
 Session Listener

...Computer Science papers...  (polygen paper)

 A Reticular Theorem for Variable Query while Intersecting Paths
 Integer First-in-first-out Searching vs. Equation Maintaining

...Social Science papers...  (polygen papertitle)

 The bottoming of an attending? The brilliant corridor of the monocratic engagement of fate.
 The picture of presence or the presence of picture? The indisputable analogy to the sound destiny of design.

...and much, much more!

Get polygen!  Enjoy polygen!  Create new grammars and attach them to
wishlist bugs!

And if you're italian, visit www.polygen.org !



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