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Re: Give your partner more pleasure

On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 09:38:51PM -0700, Paul Johnson said:
> Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get all that.  But what threat did Iraq pose?
> Zero.

Your country's UN representative felt differently.  As did those of
every other country on the Security Council, based on the data from
their intelligence agencies.  Perhaps they know something you don't?

> So why let Osama get away in favor of going after some wingnut
> with more bark than bite who just happened to have some vendetta
> against his father, without making some Orwellian Eurasia/Eastasia
> middle-of-the-speech jump?

You're saying we should have used those troops to invade Pakistan
instead?  Because that's what it would have taken to have Usama by now.

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