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Re: Top Posting FAQ opinions?

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 02:25:24PM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> <#secure method=pgp mode=sign>
> Pigeon <jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk> writes:
> > Seems to cover all the bases, but I found this sentence hard to parse:
> >
> >> This is a poor assumption to make because others may have killfiled 
> >> or scorefiled the prior messages below what is automatically not
> >> deleted or marked read
> Hmm, do you have any suggestions on how to make it smoother?

Well, I'm still guessing a bit because I think you're referring either
to behaviour of clients which I haven't used, or behaviour which is
off by default and which I wouldn't want to turn on; either way I
haven't seen it for myself. Do you mean that some clients can identify
quotes from a previous message which are below the top-posted text,
and delete/mark as read such quotes?

"...others may have killfiled or scorefiled previous messages to which
you are referring, and may have configured their clients so that they
do not see text below the new material" might be a bit better, if I
have understood you correctly.


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