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Re: Muppets, loonies or what?

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 02:26:34AM +0100, Pigeon wrote:
> As regards the offending paragraph 216, it goes like this, and is indeed
> breathtaking: "In a purely theoretical world, one could imagine developing
> modest software programs in such a way that any module could be swapped out
> in favor of a similar module developed by a third party. The replacement module
> would need to conform identically to the interfaces expected by all of the
> modules with which it interacts. In the commercial world, it is hard to see
> what value such replace-ability would provide even if it could be achieved.
> For Netscape Navigator to suffice as a replacement for Internet Explorer, for
> example, developers at Netscape would have to devote enormous effort to
> matching the functions of Internet Explorer and enabling those functions to
> perform in precisely the same way as Internet Explorer. When they were done,
> they would have software that is nearly identical to Internet Explorer (a 
> 'clone'), providing little or nothing in the way of new value." - John 
> Lettice

I guess that's why Gates is a College Dropout.

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