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Yay MCSE! [was: ]

I would have thought that with that long list of certifications, *he'd* be
the expert.  <shock>  Could this mean that certifications aren't the
ultimate way to improve your knowledge?  Holy worthless piece of paper,

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From: MJ <mj@mjresource.com>
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Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 04:40:20 -0400


so you are the expert that I am looking for!!!

if you would take a look at the diagram at this link:
you notice some red cable going to a Giga bit switch. I am trying to get every server to have one NIC (With Red Cable) to have only port 445 TCP/UDP open, and the other NIC with all ports opened like any Network Card.

any ideas of how can I accomplish this, and if you would name any software that would nice too.

thanks a lot

MJ Almassud
System Administrator/Engineer
(A+) (N+) (CCNA) (MCP)
(MCSA) (MCSE) (MCSA Messaging 2000)

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