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Re: [florian@uni-hd.de: Re: AM report for Florian Ernst <florian_ernst@gmx.net>]

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 23:02:34 +0200, Florian Ernst <florian@uni-hd.de> wrote:
> Hello!
> On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 22:40:46 +0200, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> > Welcome to the club of poor souls whose top google entry points to
> > debian-couriosa.
> > Tell me if you find a way to get around it.

Yeah, I just realized I have been in that club for a sad amount of time...

Francis Perron
It makes me feel hardcore, like drinking motor oil in the morning, or
using a razor without water and shaving cream.  I choose Vi.

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