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Jester? Fool? (was: [florian@uni-hd.de: Re: AM report for Florian Ernst <florian_ernst@gmx.net>])



On Fri, 9 Jul 2004 16:21:58 +0200, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> Thats good, if they don't accept as maintainer, they might take you as
> jester :)

I marvel what kin thou and thy daughters are.
They'll have me whipped for speaking true; thou'lt 
have me whipped for lying; and sometimes I am
whipped for holding my peace. I had rather be any kind
o'thing than a fool. And yet I would not be thee, nuncle.
Thou hast pared thy wit o'both sides and left nothing
i'the middle.

If thou wert my fool, nuncle, I'd have thee beaten
for being old before thy time.
Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst
been wise.

Thou think'st 'tis much that this contentious storm
Invades us to the skin; so 'tis to thee.
But where the greater malady is fixed
The lesser is scarce felt. Thou'dst shun a bear;
But if thy flight lay toward the roaring sea
Thou'dst meet the bear i'the mouth. When the mind's free
The body's delicate; this tempest in my mind
Doth from my senses take all feelings else
Save what beats here.


No, I'll not weep.
I have full cause of weeping; but this heart
Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws
Or ere I'll weep. O Fool, I shall go mad!

The lamentable change is from the best;
The worst returns to laughter. Welcome, then,
Thou unsubstantial air that I embrace!
The wretch that thou hast blown unto the worst
Owes nothing to thy blasts.


  That sir which serves and seeks for gain,
    And follows but for form,
  Will pack when it begins to rain,
    And leave thee in the storm;
  But I will tarry, the fool will stay,
    And let the wise man fly.
  The knave turns fool that runs away;
    The fool no knave, perdy.


This i a brave night to cool a courtesan. I'll speak
a prophecy ere I go:
  When priests are more in word than matter,
  When brewers mar their malt with water,
  When nobles are their tailors' tutors,
  No heretics burned but wenches' suitors -
  Then shall the realm of Albion
  Come to great confusion.

  When every case in law is right,
  No squire in debt nor no poor knight,
  When slanders do not live in tongues,
  Nor cutpurses come not to throngs,
  When usurers tell their gold i'the field,
  And bawds and whores do churches build -
  The comes the time, who lives to see't,
  That going shall be used with feet.



PS: As usual, apologies to Fool, Lear, Edgar, and Mr. 'Speare :).

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