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[florian@uni-hd.de: Re: AM report for Florian Ernst <florian_ernst@gmx.net>]


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Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 14:39:42 +0200
To: debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: AM report for Florian Ernst <florian_ernst@gmx.net>
From: Florian Ernst <florian@uni-hd.de>


Short report for application maintainer Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt:

Right starting with the initial contact Marc has proven to be
extraordinarily responsive, he immediately took care of my problems
and always provided helpful comments, despite having other work to do.
Whatever I didn't understand or didn't express clearly enough, he
found it.

I especially value how he didn't force me to do anything, but rather
asked the right questions so I could start to think about solutions
myself. He has also proven to be a sympathetic character by joking
around with me, sharing my hardnesses and offering way more help than
his duties as an AM demand.

All in all I can fully recommend this AM, IMO he has done a terrific
job. :-D


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Jeroen van Wolffelaar
Jeroen@wolffelaar.nl (also for Jabber & MSN; ICQ: 33944357)

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