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Re: H/W upgrade for lists ?


Derek Gladding wrote:
On Sunday 09 May 2004 06:09 pm, Thomas Ritter wrote:

Please, stop spam on l.d.o!

Someone would have to provide some cluster or mainframe to enable
Spamassassin's Bayes filtering on the lists - my local spamassin with
Bayes got the mail. The existing calculation power is far from being
able to process all the mails of all the lists.

Anyone able to give a rough, gut-feel estimate of how much CPU/Disc/Mem is needed to achieve this across all the debian lists ? I'd happily throw some $$$ or h/w into the pot towards the required upgrade.

I guess it would save a lot of processing if only e-mails sent from non-list members were processed for spam. I can't imagine that spammers would sign up for, say, debian-user :-)

The only thing that this policy would fall over on, would be if spammers start forging addresses belonging to valid list-members.

Just my 1.4p


- Derek

Thomas Ritter

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