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Re: Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Packages

Leandro wrote:
> Quoted by a team of circus elephants
> For `Javier Linares <javier@javierlinares.com>' 
> On Monday, 23 February 2004 (21:42):
> >
> > Sure it is the definitely name? ;-)
> > http://fotos.eltridente.org/oswc2004/DSC01018.JPG
> > 
> 	Heh, pretty ironic. A fire extinguisher to fight Mozilla's fire?
> 	:)

It's not ironic it's just coincidental!

The use of words expressing something other than their literal
intention, Now that is..."irony!"

(Sorry, I couldn't help it!, I blame Bender
"I pity the fool, thug or soul who tries to take over the world then 
goes cryin' home to his mama." -Mr. T

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