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possibly the most ignorant email I've seen yet

Note the clever To: line, cold-emailing two innocent people at three
addresses, while simultaneously being completely off-topic for the two
addressed lists. He also obviously didn't glance at the context of the
messages he refers to, either.

Can anyone do better?


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I found emails with your addesses on them when searching Google on "The 
connection was refused when attempting to contact".  I thought maybe you 
had discovered the solution since you got the problem.  Mozilla has been 
working fine for me until I did two things: 

1.  Installed Norton Anti-Virus
2.  Updated my XP Windows with all of its suggested updates a couple of 
days ago when the worm hit.

Can you direct me someone who could help, or do you have suggestions?  I 
cannot access most websites requiring an ID, Kazaa does not work, etc. 
and I keep getting that message "Connection refused..."


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