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Dear Sir/Madam, Please let this mail not get to you as surprised, it is in my sincere search for help that I decided to contact you.My name is SUSAN SAVIMBI , I am the wife to late JONAS SAVIMBI, the then leader of the unita rebels in Angola, who was killed by the Angolan Government troops on Saturday, 23/02/2002 in Angola. Before my husband died, he gave me a certificate of deposit which he used in depositing the sum of US$10.5Million, in a security company in Europe. Presently, the Government's strict attention on my family has made life very difficult for us here, but I managed to gain access to internet in order to make contact with you, to seek your assistance of helping us go to the security company and withdraw out the funds in their custody in Europe.You are to receive the deposit on our behalf and assist us invest the fund in any profitable business venture. I decided to take this decision in consideration of the security situa
 tion in Angola now, I have considered it unsafe to remain here and now want to move my family out immediately into your county, to prevent the present government from discovering this Deposit, as this is the only thing that my late husband left for us. > From the information my late husband revealed to me before his date, this money was packed sealed Trunk Box and was declared to the Security Company as a family treasures, as such, the Security Company does not know that the trunk box Contains money. Please should our problem touch your heart, do not hesitate to email me, to enable me give you more details about this and please be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free, all I need is your sincerity and understanding to invest the money on our behalf, I am here with my son Maurice and we have resolved to give you 15% of the total amount for your involvement, including 15% from all the proceeds which this funds will generate from inves
 tment in future. Please promise me that you shall not use the advantage of our situation to cheat us out of our only means of survival and please keep this information very secret. Like I said, we have planned to move to a nearby country and will have more access to you but for now, you should reach me through email. Sincere regards, Mrs. SUSAN SAVIMBI NB: please I want you to take a look of this site and see every detail about my country and my husband's death. www.ananova.com/news/?keywords=Angola

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