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you may help me

Dear sir,
I live in Austria. While downloading some music ( How insensitive - in english )
I found an incredible version performed by an unknown artist ( for me at
least ) Her name is Dvox. Have you ever heard about her ?
On the small resume that you get with the Kazaa downloads they say only a little
about the song ( ...recorded live in Munich ) . I try to look for her  in Europe and America with no result... so I'm trying now in Japan....
You may help in some way to find out more about her as I have not been able  to track
her down??.    I did send a few dozen mails a couple of week ago and got no 
response at all?  This time I try to send  about 50  e-mails in Japan to find out?
I'm sorry to approach you in this way but she really blew me away and I'd like to find more about her.
with my best regards           Mike  

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