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Re: Red-Handed SCO ?

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 12:36, Colin Watson wrote:

> I can't see any basis for the Inquirer's claim that anyone with a copy
> of Linux could sue. If SCO copied GPLed code into UnixWare, then the GPL
> only requires them to provide the source to those to whom they
> distribute object code or executable form, not to the whole world. (It
> can't restrict those people from passing on the source either, but
> that's another step further on.)
> I'm not even sure that random UnixWare users could sue, although they
> could certainly write to SCO asking for the source. I would expect the
> litigants to be the copyright holders of misappropriated code.

It's funny that you mention it. This discussion has just been running on
the kernel list regarding to embedded wlan routers and SAN solutions
apparently based Linux.

They have to provide the source or a written offer to obtain the source.
The offer can be copied and given to anybody. So anybody that has got a
copy of the written offer can go to SCO and require the Source, even if
they didn't buy the Product.

But these are actually only 2 options of the GNU GPL. There was more to

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