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Re: burning smell

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Hugh Saunders wrote:

> For those of you who dont wanna download the jpg, there was a dragon fly
> broach inside the psu stopping the psu fan from spinning!

I'd be interested to know how it got in there if you ever work it out.  Is
the machine in a general-access space, or stuck off in a corner where people
shouldn't be going?  If it's (eg) under a desk, then I guess it could have
fallen down there somehow, but even then - it's a mighty unlucky bounce to
land in such a way as to get well wedged in there like that.

As for brooch removal, I'd remove the PSU, open it up, and do a
dragonflyodectomy from inside.  Getting it through the finger guard will
suck.  Also, don't be too surprised if the fan is cactus after removal -
IIRC, the motors in most of those fans rely on the movement to limit the
current.  No movement, no current limiting, and hence a very quickly dead

- Matt

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