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Oh well

Salutation for gurus!
For me, as a newbie in Linux and almost in Internet security it was a
strange article. I'm started seriously with Linux in passed year, with help
an experienced Linux user (may be guru) setup 3 firewalls on, one for
myself, one for friend and third at one of my customers - they working
verywell on different boxes. My next problem is how to detect attaks, and
what kind of  maintenance need for them, not clear for this moment. After
this strange seem like truly "help" article.
But what the guru's are doing? - nothing, no arguments they "smile", nice.
Some part of these article I can realise that is not correct.
Bugs in the kernel - what kind? About Windows we know many of them, pathces
are hidden (specially for security) in some applications such as Explorer.
I'm quite experienced Windows user, what about printing spooler? - I do not
see good one starting from WfW to W2K. How to be wake up at 2 o'clock on
night because your system stuck and refuse to print through tha LAN? -
nothing to do but restart the system (not the client but the server). What
about the NETDDE which is working well for hours after generate a GPF on
NETDDE.EXE? I can make a long list of these problems, never handled and
Strange fact but the best communication (mean fastest and most reliable) on
LAN in Windows is the TCP/IP - it's native to Windows?
How many time you need to setup well constructed security for Windows and
for Linux/Unix, to make good saved Windows you need at least Zero
administration Toolkit, but experienced user can go around this barrier
quickly and you can start rebuild from scratches, in this case what can do
somebody from outside?
I do not have much time to make a real comparison, I know what I need. As a
client the Windows is a good choice because of the simplicity of deployment
and most users (at least in Hungary) know it better, but for servers is the
best stable, almost bug free Linux/Unix well secured from start. Do not
place any valuable on Windows, it's a nice demo terminal for Linux/Unix
nothing more.
Please help me to save newbies from making wrong decision after such an
article, I do not lough I'm "show one's teeth" - my english is too pure to
express, it's drawn from my old (Hunmgarian-English) vocabulary...
Sincerelly yours

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