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Re: survival skills for teenage geeks

* Johan Zaxmy <johan.zaxmy@ida.his.se> [22/01/2003 8:06:45] :

> [DISCLAIMER My first post on debian-curiosa, hi ppl =) ]

First post too ... Hi everyone !

Reading all this thinking about Christianity made me think about an
excellent book of José Saramago :

O Evangelho segundo Jesus Christo
The gospel according to Jesus Christ

This book tells the gospels from Jesus Christ's point of view.

Joseph learns that there will be the "massacre" (don't know how to say
it in english) of the innocents. And he decide to flee to egypt but
don't warn anyone. This fault will haunt Jesus and he will leave his
familly. But his father (God not Joseph) has plan for him. He want to
use him to increase his power over the humanity and against Jesus will !

It is said that the reaction to this book in Portugal made José Saramago
leave his country. I don't if this is true or not. But anyway, this is
an excellent book.

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