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Re: debian-trivia

>> Josh Narins <josh_narins@yahoo.com> writes:

 > Does anyone know the oldest piece of machinery, still pingable,
 > running Debian? What about not pingable?

 Hmmm... I'm sure the 386 I installed years ago is still somewhere, but
 it's been plugged off the net for quite a while.  But even that would
 be beaten with ease by those Macs or Ataris running Debian.  The
 project itself "has" one of those I think.

 > How about the least expensive machine, in real or nominal terms,
 > ever/still running Debian?

 Machines rescued from the trash bin?  I had a couple of those :-)

 > How about the most expensive?

 The S/390s perhaps.  Or an overpriced Sparc (pardon the redundancy).

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