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small machine/dpkg problem

I only noticed this because I was wasting some time
pretending I might be able to get a boot image on to
an ipod

perhaps, with some work to convert it to your uses
(designed for ARM, see last point), this would be what
one would look for...



iPKG the Itsy Package Management System

iPKG is a very lightweight package management system.
It was designed for Linux installations with severe
storage limitations such as handheld computers.... It
also allows for dynamic installation/removal of
packages on a running system.

iPKG is itsy in several ways:


      The control programs themselves are small,
(currently about 13kB)

      The installed meta-data tries to be only what is
absolutely essential, (currently about 38kB for a 16MB
compressed flash iPAQ distribution)

      The available packages are small. (The idea is
that the package tree should be as fine-grain as
possible. Much of this still needs some work)

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