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Re: debian-trivia

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 19:46, Evan Prodromou wrote:
> >>>>> "AH" == Alexander Hvostov <alex@aoi.dyndns.org> writes:
>     AH> That should be a good start. Anyone care to comment?
> Yes.
> I'm no genius, but even to a dunderhead like me, it seems like the
> Debian package mechanism is getting quite creaky with age. Something
> that scaled well for a package catalog in the hundreds does terribly for
> package catalogs in the tens of thousands.  For example:
>         * Loading package catalogs takes a long time on loaded or
>           low-memory machines.

It even takes too long (considering the task of 'simply' display a list)
on a PII 350MHz with enough RAM. And I don't consider this an old

>         * Sub-architectures. Allow some binary packages that are
>           CPU-bound to be optimized for particular chips. For example,
>           a Pentium II computer might be able to install packages
>           tagged for the i386/i686 architecture, the i386/i586
>           architecture, and the i386 architecture.

Good idea. I think even more than the x86 people, the SPARC port could
profit from that - optimisation makes much more difference for some
things there, I heard.

>         * Multiple versions of the same package. Instead of having 10
>           jillion python2.2, python2.1, and python1.5 library
>           packages, allow multiple binaries tagged with the
>           appropriate version.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't. Anybody asking why should go, setup a SuSE
machine and do a couple of installs/uninstalls with different versions.
Reaching Debian, I thought I had successfully fled that problem.

>         * Hierarchical categories. We have <10 categories of software
>           in the Debian system right now. This is just laughable. We
>           need to be able to tag packages according to real useful
>           categories, like "Network/Internet/Clients/Chat/IRC" or
>           "Libraries/DataFormat/XML/Parser". This should make browsing
>           for appropriate software a lot easier than "apt-cache search
>           irc" or "apt-cache search xml".

I think this one is sort of in progress with the menu system rewrite -
if the categories make it into the packaging system. (Not heard of the
menu thing for some time, though - but then, I'm mostly ignoring the
[desktop] threads as I find these items not particularly interesting).

> My main comment is this: where does this discussion go on? On
> debian-devel? -private? Who do I talk to to get Debian working better
> for me.

You talk to your vim and hack on dpkg? 

Honestly: there is debian-devel and debian-dpkg, the latter being of
course more specialized.

-- vbi

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