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Re: debian-trivia


Josh Narins wrote:
Does anyone know the oldest piece of machinery, still
pingable, running Debian? What about not pingable?

How about the least expensive machine, in real or
nominal terms, ever/still running Debian?

I've got a 486 DX2 66Mhz with 8 Mo RAM (2x4, filling 8 slots), on an exotic VIP mothercard (VLB + ISA + PCI). It's my gateway the Internet (ADSL connection) and my LAN. It's running a minimal Debian Woody. And I had to stop any non-essential process to upgrade perl recently, due to memory lack.

In fact some SPARC 10 that were running Debian at work until recently were older.

How about the most expensive?

Probably Debian GNU/Linux clusters from top500.org if any.

Benoît Sibaud

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