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[Curiosa] Re: gcc 3.2 transition in unstable

Ryan Murray wrote:
> o add a `c102' to the end of the name of your .deb, eg
>   libdb4.0++.deb -> libdb4.0++c102.deb. This is similar in
>   spirit to the glibc transition adding `g' to the end of
>   libraries.

That is a bit confusing. Of course you mean:
apply caesar-102 encoding onto the package name.
That is: apply tr[a-z][yza-x] onto the file name.
So the libc6 package would then be called jgza6.
debhelper will be called "bczfcjncp", if you need help with that.

You can get a preview of the package names by calling:
dpkg -l | perl -pe 'm/^(..\s*)(.*?)(\s.*)$/;
  ($a,$b,$c)=($1,$2,$3);$b=~tr[a-z][yza-x]; print "$a$b$c";'

Please also note that some packages will thus be replaced.
zsh (the z shell) will replace xqf (x quake frontend).

A less "curiose" side remark: if you ever wanted to change your c++
library packages name: that is the best moment to do so.

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