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Re: If cars were computers

On 17 Oct 2002, Steve Johnson wrote:

> Does this sound really cool to anyone else, or am I just a sick
> individual!

	Yes it does. But I _AM_ a sick individual, so I can't really be
considered a "mental sanity" comparison parameter :-))))

	Anyway, he forgets to state the point that:

"It would have no steering wheel..." but you can pay someone in town to
build one suitable for you three fingered hands :-)

"...there would be fifteen pedals..." what should be OK for your fifteen
legs :-)))

"...there would be fifteen pedals..." AVAILABLE, which doesn't mean that
you have to have them all installed at the same time (what are you? Some
kind of freak ET driver? :-))))

"...it would have no back seat and no trunk..." Well... You don't use a
back seat and a trunk in a fast and reliable F1 Ferrari, do you? :-)))

	Anyway, you can still add your Ferrari a back seat and a trunk,
and use it to go picnic on Sundays :-)))))



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   "The power to question is the basis of all human progress."
                                                         (Indira Gandhi)

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