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Re: Work shoes EN345 S3 S1

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 03:32:40PM +0800, wang lan wrote:
> We make new work shoes for importers:
> www.wins-chinaboots.com

the spam i get through debian-curiosa is so curious (pun intended :-)
that it's almost on topic again...

greetings, martin.
interrested in doing pike programming, sTeam/caudium/pike/roxen training,      
sTeam/caudium/roxen and/or unix system administration anywhere in the world.
pike programmer     travelling in europe                        open-steam.org
                    csl-gmbh.net       (www.archlab|(www|db).hb2).tuwien.ac.at
unix                bahai.or.at                       iaeste.(tuwien.ac|or).at
systemadministrator (stuts|black.linux-m68k).org        is.(schon.org|root.at)
Martin Bähr         http://www.iaeste.or.at/~mbaehr/

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