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Power within Debian [or: Scary stuff about a little guy]

A bunch of us on IRC were sitting around bored, until this happened...

[Thanks to infinity for filling in the gaps in my logs. This has been
edited for appearence, but not content. Yeah, the lines are too
long. Deal.]

<asuffield> here's an analogy for you: next time we elect a DPL, we put up a poll on debianplanet.org and see who the users want
<Overfiend> asuffield: uh, that already happened
<asuffield> Overfiend: yeah, but we didn't pay any attention to the results ;)
<nwp> Overfiend: it's supposed to be bdale that pops up then DPL is mentioned...
<nwp> s/then/when/
<asuffield> . o O (Overfiend has "DPL" as a highlighting keyword)
<nwp> ;)
<infinity> Branden for DPL in 2005!  (he's bound to win eventually...)
<asuffield> yeah, after sufficient rejections he'll give in to temptation and have all the other candidates assassinated
<infinity> Seems logical.
<infinity> I'd elect a man with clear thought processes like that... <nod>
<asuffield> or maybe he's already controlling the project, with bdale as his puppet
<infinity> An incredibly large puppet.
<asuffield> heh
<infinity> Less like a hand-puppet, and more like a full body suit.
<asuffield> eew. I didn't need to hear that.
<nwp> infinity: but we have the photos of them both *in the same place at the same time*
<infinity> "My god, the DPL is actually Branden in a bdale suit!"
<Clint> nwp: you couldn't see the Sodomotron in that picture
<infinity> nwp : The suit was stuffed, maybe?
<luca> would Branden fit a bdale suit?
<infinity> luca : With football padding and such, maybe.
<LoRez> luca: I'm sure.
<infinity> (American football, that is)
<nwp> think "mechwarrior"
* luca/#debian-devel would walk away from bdale if he ever saw him in an alley
<infinity> <laugh>.. Branden's in a little pod in the bdale-suit's head?
<asuffield> bah, why do I always drop off when I'm doing something interesting?
<asuffield> nwp: we have a photo of a big guy fighting a little guy
<asuffield> I've never met either of them; it could easily be a fake
<nwp> asuffield: like the moon landings, you mean... ;)
<Clint> both those people in the picture were actually Bruce Perens in disguise
<asuffield> yes, those were filmed in a fish tank in russia
<ifvoid> asuffield: yeah. All developers are actually person ;)
<nwp> Clint: so Bruce *is* DPL?
* Clint/#debian-devel ponders.
* infinity notes that Overfiend isn't contributing to this in the least...
<infinity> Clearly he's panicking.
<Clint> Bruce is the puppetmaster.
<infinity> Or gearing up and getting in the bdale-mech to come kill us.
<ifvoid> he lost his cover
<Clint> and ESR is the secret figurehead
<asuffield> we've found him out. he's probably withdrawing all the money from the SPI accounts and booking a plane to some african nation
<nwp> ...at which point he will collect the cash from all the 419 scams he's been orchestrating...
<dieman> heh
<infinity> nwp : Egads!.. You're not suggesting that lilo is another incarnation of Overfiend?
<nwp> ...send half of it to lilo...
<nwp> infinity: hadn't thought of that, but...
<infinity> It makes perfect sense... Obviously he has a 42,000 purchase to make, and the SPI funds won't quite cover it.
<ifvoid> heh
<infinity> Probably need a new battery for the bdale suit, or something.
<infinity> s/need/needs/
<Clint> Ah, but you can't get PayPal in Nigeria.
* nwp/#debian-devel pictures OF inside the powered-off bdale suit, hammering on the hatch shouting "let me out"...
<infinity> See, now this is the kind of thing that needs to be posted to -curiosa
<infinity> Could brighten up the day for all 6 subscribers.

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