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RedHat using Debian alternatives

I just read this:

 * Red Hat Linux now includes a port of the Debian alternatives
   system, as a way to support multiple packages providing a
   particular service. Every binary/file that would be in common
   between the multiple packages is replaced with a symlink to /etc;
   this then resolves to the version of that file for the alternative
   in question. For example: /usr/sbin/sendmail ->
   /etc/alternatives/mta -> /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail These symlinks
   are added and managed by /usr/sbin/alternatives.  See man 8
   alternatives for more details Currently, Red Hat Linux offers
   Sendmail and Postfix as two Mail Transport Agent (MTA)
   alternatives. For print daemon alternatives, the choices are LPRng
   and CUPS.  Note that the configurations for LPRng and CUPS are
   completely separate. If you switch from one printing system to
   another, you will have to reconfigure your printers. Similarly,
   postfix and sendmail have separate configuration files.

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