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Re: Linux User Caricatures

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 11:12:12AM +0100, vdongen wrote:
> > 
> > > 
> > > Do you find yourselves resembled?
> > > http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue72/alcidi.html
> accualy, no....
> me and my colleages use debian not because they are hackers, but 
> because of the truely free nature and the excellent packaging system. I 
> think a lot of debian users are well dressed, non-poor lazy admins.

Yep, Debian admins are lazy and believe everything possible should be
automated so they can spend time having fun automating something else.
Who would want to do actual admin work when the system can do it itself.
:)  Your system has to reach a state of perfection after all.

Lennart Sorensen

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