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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Scott M. Dier wrote:

>> Some standards are damaging or brain damaged: fuck outlook express .mbx
>> files, fuck word .doc files, fuck their nice vb virusses going around

> Wow, what standards group are you talking about? the self appointed MSFT
> one?

I wasn't saying so. :)
>From the other post (look up the thread) it seemed that Opera == Standard,
then by extension people going Opensource only != Standard.

> HP has allways supported 'unix' on their printers, since they
> implemented the 'lpr' and 'tcp/ip' standards on their jetdirect cards,
> not to mention 'postscript'.

Ask Stallman, and let he tell you the tale of a man and his wonderful HP
Technicolor Printer. :)

                     Davide "Gatto Feroce" Inglima
  " Paradosso Invernale: perche' d'inverno se apri la <<window>> entrano "
        " i <<pinguini>>? " citando Luigi Catuogno a.k.a Kenshy

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