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Re: (long)Re: Why would I want an LFS system? (fwd)

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 03:29:20PM +0200, tchiwam wrote:
> Debian gives you a warm  and nice house, easy to install and relatively
> stable (depending on what platform). But it is quite the same as the
> neighbor ... and IMO quite old style.

Most people seem to think that the modern way is code reuse.

> It is a base skeleton, you know how everything has been built and it can
> be optimised with your own patch, own ./configure and so on.

My Debian systems are exactly the same. It's not difficult to modify
and rebuild a package.

> My Worstation uses a base of LFS 3.0 on PPC system, it
> behaves 98% the SAME as my LFS 3.0 on X86.

If there are any notable differences between the ports in debian,
excluding packages which have not yet been ported, that is a
bug. Direct your comments on such packages to submit@bugs.debian.org.

> I use debian too and apt-get --compile <something> isn't really teaching
> anything nor letting you do it your way ;-)

./configure && make install doesn't teach you anything extra either,
and it's all that is needed or done for most packages. Any personal
customisation of source, etc, is not only doable but often done with
all distributions, that's nothing new. Any argument based on "you can
customise the source better" is fundamentally flawed.

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