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Fortune cookies

Here are some cookies I collected[1] recently, I guess they're suited
for this forum as aell. 

I love users who bitch about 'apt-get upgraded everything
and stuff actually loads that i didn't want to.  I deleted
the init.d files though!  RedHat didn't do this!'
	-- Scott Dier

Err... don't you think this could be spam eventually?
I've got eight of them in my inbox, received within hours.
	-- Joey

* joeyh just has problems with checking spam into cvs and mirring it
  all over the place wich is what I do with my normal mail archives.
	-- #Debian

*** Closing Link: disconnecting from stoned server.
	-- muh

I misread the question...  So the answer does not make any sense.
	-- Henrique de Moraes Holschuh

In the days when qmail was something new, lots of people
shared horror stories about sendmail sending out a weekly
announcement, never finishing the last one before a newer
one was already sent, piling up mail...
	-- Tommi Virtanen

Our mean time between failures is more than a thousand years.
	-- Sam Naffziger

Need to lobby for 36 hour days.
	-- Matt Pavlovich

* michaelw does the buildd shuffle
	-- #Debian

<DanielS> Hrm, so why am I getting apache@pdo mail?
<Joey> Well... because the system is broken...

<BenC> auric's disks are for DAM/ftpmaster to store their pron
<BenC> Oops... That was top secret
	-- #Debian

Debian is not deadrat.  If a user can't figure out what
kind of mouse they have, they need to find a less complex
occupation.  Like knitting.
	-- Andrew Suffield

<BR> Joey, the RaQ runs
<BR> Joey, just can't debootstrap it
<Joey> Need more input
<Bacchus> Yes, # 5 :)
	-- #mipslinux

Writing everything for the dumbest user will
be insulting and irritating to everybody else.
	-- Andrew Suffield

<michaelw> "Debian GNU/LINUX Version 2.4.0"
<michaelw> ... YOU BASTARDS! didn't tell me ;(
<michaelw> *shrug* i can buy it off ebay...
	-- #Debian

A good solution now is better than a perfect solution tomorrow.

<BR> Joey, the RaQ runs
<BR> Joey, just can't debootstrap it
<Bacchus> BR: Quick, catch it!
	-- #mipslinux

I'm sorry, what was that again?
I couldn't hear you over the sound of the flushing toilet.
	-- Branden Robinson

Sorry, Clint, I don't have a time machine.
	-- Branden Robinson

I'm tired of all this beating around the bush.
	-- Branden Robinson

What is the point of your participation in this thread?
If you have something to say, come right out and say it.
	-- Branden Robinson

You spelled Debian without ucfirst(), twice!
	-- Josip Rodin

<Joy> Doh.  Why didn't CQ tell me this...
<CQ> Dunno.  You never asked? :)

<Omnic> *monitor off*
<StevenK> Omnic probably sits and waits for 5 minutes after he says
          '*monitor off*'
<Omnic> do not
	-- #Debian

Hrmmm thats a whole whack of shell mumbo jumbo.
	-- Deep7

I heard UGT was Universal Greeting Time -- Convention established
specifically for #mipslinux. It states that it is always morning
when person comes in, and it is always evening when person leaves.
Local time of any member of channel is irrelevant.
Resistance is futile.  Your ass will be laminated.
	-- Open Projects Network, Hades

# apt-get install package
# # damn it broke my server again!!
# apt-get rewind package
	-- Tomas Pospisek

He doesn't want the maintainer involved at all, except to
sit by helplessly and get flooded with emails notifying
him that his package has been modified yet again.
	-- Branden Robinson

While we're on the subject, can you get someone to translate
your mails into a comprehensible dialect of English?
	-- Branden Robinson

Creating more dependencies is a Bad Thing(tm).
	-- Randolph Chung

I like the US government, makes the Aussie one
look less dumb and THAT is a pretty big effort.
	-- Craig Small

However, just because a designer uses menu selection,
form filling, and dialog boxes, there is no guarantee
that the interface will be appealing and easy to use.
	-- Shneiderman

* dark wonders if debian-keyring is competing with
  XFree86 for the longest changelog prize.
	-- #Debian

* Lo-lan-do assumes people are observing a
  minute of silence every minute and a half.
	-- #Debian

Dazed and confused, but trying to continue.
	-- linux-kernel

And you got a college degree with such discerning perceptual ability?
	-- Branden Robinson

You know, it's okay if people don't want to package
home-built utilities, but when they then snark at those
who are forced to recreate them, it's kind of mean.
	-- Steve Greenland

Indeed, people are criticized even by members of the Technical
Committee for not knowing about undcoumented rules or procedures.
	-- Branden Robinson



[1] http://www.infodrom.ffis.de/Infodrom/fortunes/

Let's call it an accidental feature.  --Larry Wall

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