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Re: WARNING: debian news

Accualy my webmail client mangled it so that I only see the picture and 
the js gets lost :).... but thanks for the warning anyway.

To keep on this subject, I use this mailadress only for debian and 
bugtrack and somehow I get a lot of spam on this adress lately.

One of those mails was a piramid game....
Did any of you get the same mail?


Ivo "vDong" van Dongen
"Gates' Law: Every 18 months, the speed of software halves. "
   -- from a Slashdot post 

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Richards <grumpy@cyber4.org>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 11:24:13 +1100
Subject: WARNING: debian news

> Don't hit the button on this (previous) message, it has some
> HTML and JavaScript that seems to mangle your email address
> and then send it to
> This is the javascript funciton: (The =20 and =3D are supposed
> to be carriage return and "=", it's the freaky nature of 
> mime encoding that did it.) AFAIK it doens't actually work 
> correctly anyway.
> function teste()
>   {=20
>    numero =3D Math.random();
>    nome =3D numero.toString();
>    numero =3D Math.random();
>    dominio =3D numero.toString();  =20
>    document.forms[0].email.value =3D nome.substring(2,12) + '@' + =
> dominio.substring(2,12) + '.com';
>    document.forms[0].action =3D"";;
>    document.forms[0].submit();
>   }

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