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WARNING: debian news

Don't hit the button on this (previous) message, it has some
HTML and JavaScript that seems to mangle your email address
and then send it to

This is the javascript funciton: (The =20 and =3D are supposed
to be carriage return and "=", it's the freaky nature of 
mime encoding that did it.) AFAIK it doens't actually work 
correctly anyway.

function teste()
   numero =3D Math.random();
   nome =3D numero.toString();

   numero =3D Math.random();
   dominio =3D numero.toString();  =20

   document.forms[0].email.value =3D nome.substring(2,12) + '@' + =
dominio.substring(2,12) + '.com';
   document.forms[0].action =3D"";;


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