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Re: A good charge against free operating systems

Hello Guys,

gotta throw my 0.02 $ is for whatever its worth...this more or less
"religious" motivated discussion is even more fun to
read for me as i happen to be in some Mac OS related lists too. I thought
linuxers were immune to that kind of dispute
but ...8^)

Anyway, i think the fact that ppl _can_ learn to use linux desktops (and it
is a fact, i have seen our secretary learn tex)
does not mean it is really the better system, overall. Does anyone follow
the birth of MacOS X? It is UNIX, it is open
source, and it has a Mac-like, very intuitive desktop. (saying that, please
notice that i am a unix professional and
_not_ really close to the mac community). MacOS will be sold for not much
more than a set of linux CD's...so i would
say, if you want to compare linux to a strong competitor, be aware that
there will be a new man in town soon!


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