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RE: A good charge against free operating systems

Quoting Frédéric Aguiard <frederic.aguiard@swapcom.fr>:

> > My opinion is that if you don't care about 
> > technical basics you shouldn't use a computer.

So do I, concerning a qulity OS like Linux
> When I use a screwdriver or a hammer, I don't think about physical
> material
> resistance issues.

You can't make this comparison. An Os is a rather lot more
sophisticated and complicated than a simple tool

> ...... But I agree with the author of the debated
> article : linux is not yet a tool that can be put in the hands of
> end-users.
> Not that the end-users are too stupid to use it, but linux is just not
> mature enough for that. 

I think that if you want to use a better quality OS, you should
then make an effort to try to understand how it works.
Because of all the possibilities of looking inside it offers.

You have the choice.

       Arnaud Ceyrolle  //\   nauard@free.fr

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