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Re: Women in Debian

Jan Martin Mathiassen wrote:
> > Some of the programmers working on debian are
> > undoubtedly great. Some of their work might someday
> > be regarded as the most inspired efforts of this
> > generation.
> >
> > When Sandra Day O'Connor graduated near the top of her
> > Stanford Law class in 1952 the only job she could get
> > was legal secretary. "Too much testosterone," to
> > paraphrase the general consensus, why women wouldn't
> > succeed in the courtroom, at the time. I wonder if any
> > young women hear similar things from the relatively
> > modern community here. In fact, as this thread has
> > shown, they do.
> if we're going to go on general consensus, and differences between how sexes
> perceive eachother ... then i'd like to see a woman that doesn't initially
> think men are messy people who can't make dinner to save their *lives*. and
> why is this? most likely because that *is* the reality. a LOT of guys either
> *are* messy fucks, or can't make dinner to save their lives (mostly lazy,
> i'm sure... it *isn't* difficult).

  what are you talking about? I sure can open both coke can and
powerbar, so can most of other men (I know)...


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