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Re: Help to create a program to calculqte n!

Alicja Pawlowska writes:

> Dear Sir,
> Please help me to write the following program:
> Q: Write a program to count (correct to 1 decimals) the n! of natural
> number series between 0 and 1000 with user input menu.
> Thanks and regards

Alicja, I'd recommend the following:

1)  From your email headers, I can see you use Windows 98.
    In order to solve the problem, you must remove this.
    There is nothing natural about Windows, and 'calculqte'ing natural
    numbers with Windows would be perverse.

2)  You've posted to the Debian CD mailing list.  This indicates a desire
    to put a Debian CD in your computer system.  Follow that urge.  It
    leads to wisdom, and wisdom leads to the answer to n!

3)  Install Debian.  Follow the instructions on the CD, or online at
    http://www.debian.org/doc.  Join the debian-user mailing list if you
    need more help.  There is also wonderful IRC support.

4)  Install any of the many programming languages, such as C, C++, Perl,
    Python, and dozens of others that Debian has available.

5)  Also, install any of the wonderful math related programs, such as
    octave, gnuplot, dx, netcdf, siag, or gnumeric, many of which are
    GPLed, so you can borrow the code if you need to.  Nothing is more
    impressive than writing a full math package in response to a question 
    like the one you were asked (by school?), and you can easily
    modify the GPLed code to fufill your own special requirements, such
    as 'correct to 1 decimals' and 'a user input menu'.  Just be sure to
    release the sources, as required by the GPL, so we can all share them.
6)  Depending on what you selected in steps 4 and 5, the rest of the
    exercise is left to the reader.  You've got the hard part done
    already: breaking free of Windows.  Your new Debian OS will make it
    much easier.

thanks for writing in,
and let us hear back from you soon,


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