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It spreads by casual contact...

At our local Linux user group (http://www.euglug.org) , I've been
recommending our more 'power user' members switch to Debian, extolling the
joy and virtue of apt, dpkg, etc.  For newbie users, Mandrake and it's ilk
still provide a simple quick start to Linux, but the more experienced
hands should be shown 'the one true way' as I like to joke (half

Yesterday, I got an email from one of them, which said:

> Speaking of Debian, it somehow first infected my laptop, then it wormed
> its way onto my system at work, and last night I noticed it infected my
> home desktop workstation.  D'oh!!!  

A better compliment cannot be found, I'm sure. (grin)

[btw, is there a better list than curiosa to send this too?  The archive
for curiosa is almost empty, so I decided a cc: to project wasn't out of
line, if only to remind people about the curiosa list...)

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