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Bug#1041072: trixie: Explicitly flag that /usr-merge changes will break skip-upgrades

Package: release-notes
Severity: normal
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-ctte@debian.org


We don't support skip-upgrades, but in practice they can often be made
to work by an experienced administrator.

For trixie, though, packages are going to be allowed to assume
merged-/usr, and the ongoing work to resolve the outstanding problems
around merged-/usr and dpkg is going to concentrate on making sure all
bookworm-trixie upgrades will work. But changes that could result in
file loss on a bullseye-trixie skip-upgrade will not be considered
bugs, so it would be good to particularly emphasise in the trixie
release notes that skip-upgrades to it are not supported, and that in
all circumstances administrators must upgrade to bookworm first.



ps: on a procedular note, whilst I'm filing this bug as an action from
a technical committee meeting, this is not a formal TC request.

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