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Re: Missed chair election

Hello Sean,

Sean Whitton dijo [Thu, Oct 13, 2022 at 08:27:06AM -0700]:
> Hello,
> I just realised that according to convention I was meant to start a vote
> on the TC chair when Elana's resignation took effect.  Looks like no-one
> noticed this until now.  A vote would definitely have made sense in
> August, but now it's not so long before the usual vote in January.
> We could do a vote now, or we could leave it until January, unless there
> is a controversial bug filed between now and then.  In that case we
> could easily do a chair vote before voting on the bug.  The thought
> would be that the casting vote could become relevant in that situation.

AIUI, it is *customary* for the TC Chair to step down when there is
any change in the TC composition, but it is not *required*. I don't
think you are overstepping by staying Chair.

Given nobody has asked for a change, that you were reelected by
unanimity, and that we are very close to the end of our terms, I do
not think there is much point in re-appointing you just to repeat the
exercise in less than three months.

    - Gunnar.

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