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Re: Next meeting -- 14th June, 6pm UTC

Niko Tyni dijo [Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 10:46:30PM +0300]:
> > Our monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 14th at 6pm UTC.  Agenda:
> > People with AIs: Elana, Niko, Matthew, me
> First draft for a d-d-a bits mail pushed to git.  Please fix any mistakes
> and clumsy wordings.

Thank you very much, Niko (and Elana, Myon and Matthew, who have fixed
from minor typos to clarity issues). I find the text clear and easy to
read -- and even correct! ;-)

> I ran out of steam and didn't manage a summary for #994388 . Sorry.

Uff, that's a tough one. Well, you managed to write two paragraphs
that do sum up the issue; the further issue that unfolded after the
bug was voted and closed is... *sigh* yes, steam-outting :-( I think
completely covering this one would make this into "long long ints from
the tech-ctte" :-\

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