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Re: Next meeting -- one week early, 5th April @ 7pm UTC


On 29/03/2022 21:01, Sean Whitton wrote:

I have Covid, so am not going to be around this evening, sorry.

* DebConf22 CfP -- what sort of talk do we want to submit?

I think I have no particular feeling on this, so happy with whatever you decide. Sean's "meet the TC" seems a reasonable idea.

* Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux

I sort of feel we should make a decision on this, it's been dragging for a while now (not helped, I feel, by rather limited interaction from the package maintainer).

I think the maintainer's position is currently that "rename.ul should be shipped as /usr/bin/rename in a package that would therefore have to conflict: with the rename package".

I'm afraid I think that's wrong, and a disservice to our users. I don't think "two things called /usr/bin/rename, pick one" is better than the previous "file-rename is /usr/bin/rename, util-linux' rename is /usr/bin/rename.ul".

* Bug#1007717: Native source package format with non-native version

I'm not quite sure where we are as a committee on this; I thought Ian Jackson's mail that Sean forwarded on early in the thread was quite convincing on the merits of the various source formats; but a bunch of more-or-less related issues have been raised by various parties, and I think maybe a summary would be useful?



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