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Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux

Re: Chris Hofstaedtler
> >  * which binary package should contain the util-linux rename?
> >    - bsdextrautils
> >    - something else
> util-linux-extra. Unrelatedly, other non-essential binaries from
> util-linux should also move into this package, but this is only
> tangentially related.


I like that package name.

> >  * where should it be installed?
> >    - /usr/bin
> >    - something else?
> /usr/bin/rename

> >  * should there be a Conflicts or Breaks relation with the perl rename?
> I think this will be necessary.

The problem here is that if ul-extra contains things besides rename,
and it conflicts with the perl rename, people will rightfully complain
that they can't install /usr/bin/fincore-from-ul-extra and
/usr/bin/rename-from-perl at the same time.

Or would you solve that using alternatives, without the conflicts?

(Fwiw I believe the strict rule "alternatives only for compatible
interfaces" doesn't apply here - we are looking for a workaround, and
there is no rule saying that only hacks X, Y, Z must be used for
these. If alternatives are the best tool for the job, it should be


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