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Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux

Dear Sean

On 09.03.22 16:54, Sean Whitton wrote:
Dear Dirk,

On Wed 09 Mar 2022 at 12:59pm +01, Dirk Kostrewa wrote:

Personally, I would still prefer a "rename" entry in the alternative
system with util-linux's rename as default, since util-linux is
installed in every Debian system. I know, the syntaxes of util-linux's
rename and of Perl's rename are incompatible, but a user who wants to
use Perl's rename would probably know its syntax, would have to actively
install its package, and would then choose Perl's rename in the
alternative system.
Right, yes, but unfortunately this is off the table for reasons of
historical compatibility.
okay, I see.

If an entry in the alternative system is not wanted, for me, it would
also be fine to have access to util-linux's rename in any PATH with any
recognizable name. I would then create a soft-link, say,
/usr/local/bin/rename, that points to util-linux's rename.
Hmm, if you are planning to create a symlink, then wouldn't both (A) and
(B) be okay with you?

yes, for me, both would be okay, with a preference for (A), because, util-linux's other binaries are also in PATH.

Best regards,


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