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Bug#976462: debian bug 976462


On Wed 10 Mar 2021 at 04:54PM +01, Mark Wielaard wrote:

> For reference, this is the dwz bug for [dwz] Support compressed debug
> sections: https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=24725
> It has low priority because it has a simple workaround:
> you could use eu-elfcompress before/after the dwz run
> $ eu-elfcompress --type=none ./a.out
> $ dwz ./a.out
> $ eu-elfcompress --type=zlib ./a.out

Thanks for the input.  In any case in which the reason not to use
compressed debug symbols is something to do with package builds, a
workaround of this form could be used.

Then, the only tool compatibility reasons not to use compressed debug
symbols are (i) tools that users who have the symbols installed want to
run; and (ii) complicated debhelper order-of-operation issues which make
it difficult to use the above workaround.

Given that the debhelper maintainer said that he doesn't mind whether or
not compression is turned on, I think we can eliminate (ii).

Looking back through the thread, the closest thing we have to (i) is two
bugs in Valgrind.  However, those bugs are both marked as resolved.

So, I conclude that we still haven't seen concrete tooling problems
which would give us good reasons to disable compression.

Sean Whitton

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