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Re: Bug#976462: tech-ctte: Should dbgsym files be compressed via objcopy --compress-debug-section or not?

Hello Josh,

On Sat 06 Mar 2021 at 12:32PM -08, Josh Triplett wrote:

> Jakub Wilk wrote:
>> A few months ago I recompressed whole buster/main/amd64 to see what the effect of ditching --compress-debug-sections would be.
>> Raw data for this experiment is available here:
>> https://github.com/jwilk/lets-shrink-dbgsym/releases/download/20200708/buster-main-amd64-20200708.tsv.xz
> Thanks for collecting this data.
> Based on this, I computed the top 50 packages by installed-size
> increase, and the corresponding percentage increase:

Do you think you could do some grouping -- e.g. put all the kde packages
together and see what that comes to?  A lot of debugging scenarios are
going to involve groups of packages like these.

Sean Whitton

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