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Bug#976462: tech-ctte: Should dbgsym files be compressed via objcopy --compress-debug-section or not?

* Elana Hashman <ehashman@debian.org>, 2021-02-17, 11:06:
Would you be able to research some representative slice of popular packages that would be affected by the policy change (at least 10) and share the on-disk sizes with compression vs. without?

Not exactly what you asked Niels for, but...

A few months ago I recompressed whole buster/main/amd64 to see what the effect of ditching --compress-debug-sections would be.
Raw data for this experiment is available here:
The columns are:
* file name
* original .deb size
* recompressed .deb size
* original installed size
* recompressed installed size

Note that some of the .deb size savings might be caused by the fix for #868674 (for packages that haven't been rebuilt since the fix).

Jakub Wilk

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