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Re: Bug#971515: kubernetes: excessive vendoring (private libraries)


On Tue 20 Oct 2020 at 06:52pm -07, Felix Lechner wrote:

>  I think our response to the vendoring explosion is at odds with the
> trends in many languages.
> It's time to retool. At the two ends of the solution spectrum, I see
>     1. Fully vendored source packages; or
>     2. A packaging system that allows different vendor versions to co-exist.
> Either one allows dependent sources to consume whichever versions they
> require, but in my view solution (2) is otherwise superior---provided
> that the packaging process is automated. (A language's build system
> also has to distinguish the installed versions.) For each language so
> affected, could we make (2) our goal, and allow (1) until then?

This is a very general (but of course interesting) topic.  Could I ask
that it be kept out of this TC bug, please?  We have to figure out what
to do about this package given our present tooling.

Sean Whitton

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