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Collating responses to our request for input

Dear all,

We said we'd work together to collate responses to our request for input
in advance of our BoF and I was meant to get that activity started ten
days ago, but I failed to do this.  I'm sorry about this -- I've been on
a sort-of vacation and haven't been looking at my scheduled tasks in the
way I normally would.

I have, however, been gathering message-ids of feedback we received, and
this morning I've gone through these and extracted those which I think
are broadly in line with our interests and intentions for this reform
project, such that we should try to incorporate them into our plan for
the talk.

I've extracted a few bullet points from each item to make it easier to
slot these into a talk plan, but we'd want to reread the actual mail
when doing that, rather than relying on my bullet points.


  - still no design work, but ideas and working groups

  - issue opinions on parameters an ideal solution would have then
    endorse the design


  - we should carefully explain the "no design work" thing to avoid
    misunderstanding and sidetracking (incorporate Marga's reply to
    Holger's message)


  - explain how we handle non-technical issues at present

  - explain what is done to mitigate the TC being a nuclear option, plus
    possibility of using former TC members for this


  - when it comes to non-technical issues, we should consider focusing
    on the problem of replacing maintainers, as we're the only body that
    can do this

  - descriptions of how replacing maintainers doesn't work so well atm


  - useful remarks on private discussions

  - what could go wrong if we allow some way of doing design work
    [I think Matthew is onto something important here]

  - separate body which is not one of last resort.

There were some other messages which were certainly interesting, but
which I didn't think could be actionable within our current conception
of the scope of the reform project.  But we could come back to them
after the current project has concluded.

Sean Whitton

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