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Bug#947847: please install systemd-sysusers using update-alternatives

On 1/28/2020 1:33 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> It'd need to be a script that the systemd maintainers feel reasonably
>> confident will always run systemd's implementation when systemd is
>> running, to avoid the mixed implementations issue.
> Not at all. Systemd maintainers have no say if someone wishes to
> implement things in another way, the same way there's gawk and mawk,
> implementing the same thing. If we don't allow such things, then really,
> Debian is doomed.

The interface in question here is "awk". So if the interface would be a
hypothetical "update-sysusers", then this could be shared with
alternatives. I completely understand the view of the systemd
maintainers that "systemd-sysusers" as a binary should be provided by
their package rather than an alternative.

>> Strikes me as there is a possible solution, though: have opensysusers
>> dpkg-divert it and put a shell script in its place that checks which
>> init system is running, and exec's the right sysusers based on that.
> This is exactly what should be avoided. It's perfectly fine to try to
> use opensysusers with systemd if one wants. In fact, that's exactly the
> best way we could do to be able to test it. Also, dpkg-divert is really
> ugly, and something you use as the last resort, when all other options
> have been exhausted.

If the problem here is that everything embeds a call to systemd-sysusers
directly and you want to provide a different intermediate interface
eventually then diverting it as a workaround in the meantime seems sound
to me, no?

So far I see you present a single option rather than trying to negotiate
within the option space. Good escalations are not "Moreover, I don't see
why /usr/bin/systemd-sysusers would be any different from let's say
/usr/bin/awk." but trying to present the two opposing viewpoints and
potential solutions to them.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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