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Re: Thinking about Delegating Decisions about Policy

Bill Allombert writes:
> In my view it is detrimental for the policy proces for the Debian policy
> to include decisions made by the TC, because this leads to a situation
> where some policy text is frozen because the policy editors cannot change
> it without potentially overriding the TC.

Then the TC should (always) state explicitly that changing this using
normal processes is allowed.

The "Debian Maintainer" role was introduced via GR which also specified
implementation details ("DM-Upload-Allowed" in source packages, jetring
to be used to maintain the keyring on Alioth, ...).  Quite a bit of
which has changed without a second GR as it was assumed that "The
initial policy for ... will be ..." meant the policies could be changed
via normal processes, usually by the responsible people agreeing on a

So I think having parts of policy frozen can be avoided even when the TC
sets it; I even agree that it should be avoided.


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